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LG offers 10-year warranty on core-tech home appliances

By Laju Iren
While some brands might be struggling to meet up with the one-year warranty norm, some others seem to be going ten steps further.
LG electronics for example, says that the core technologies in some of its home appliances are now backed up with 10-year warranty. First of its kind in home appliance category in Nigeria, the products with 10 years warranty include the refrigerators with inverter linear and smart inverter compressors, chest freezer, washing machines with inverter direct drive motor, charcoal lighting heater in charcoal microwave and cordless vacuum cleaner with smart inverter motor.
General Manager, Home Appliances Division, LG Electronics, West Africa operations Mr. Hyunwoo Jung commenting on this feat said: “At LG, we understand that durability is just as important as strong performance.
A large range of our products are backed by 10-year warranty, ensuring worry-free operation year after year. LG Electronics is the first electronic brand in Nigeria to offer a decade-long warranty of reliability on a large gamut of its product offerings. The 10 year warranty offering covers only specific parts of the selected products from the date of purchase”.
LG’s revolutionary Inverter Linear Compressor which enables the refrigerator to consume 32 percent less energy and produce 25 percent less noise. Employing a linear piston drive instead of a conventional reciprocating drive, LG’s advanced Inverter Linear Compressor generates less internal friction than other compressor systems.

Compressor  systems

The LG game changing Smart Inverter Compressor technology has set a new standard in the industry helping to make lives smarter and better. It has taken a revolutionary leap in compressor technology. The smart inverter compressor is one of the most advanced and energy efficient compressor.  The LG Chest Freezer is the only brand in the market with 10 year warranty on its compressor; one of its unique features is the 3D cooling; these features enables even and fast circulation of cool air inside the freezer due to the in-built fan.  The LG Inverter Direct Drive Motor washing machine allows precise movement control insides the washing machine due to direct rotation of the blushless motor inserted into the drum directly unlike the conventional type that has belt connection between the motor and drum, this new innovation offers consumer’s energy saving, less noise and vibration and a durability of 10 year.
LG Cordzero vacuum cleaner is a powerfully designed cleaner employing smart inverter motor to guarantee maximum performance with high efficiency and durability in compact size.  LG’s Lightwave Technology equate cooking with an art giving a natural deep even cooking within a shorter time and saves up to 55% time and 30% energy while pre-heating all this and preserving the nutrition to ensure it gives healthy food. Charcoal Lighting heater Microwave with Lightwave technology offers a multi-heating system designed to cook healthier, tastier, gourmet-standard food with the minimum of fuss. By letting food retain its natural flavors, Lightwave oven makes dishes that are crispy on the outside and irresistibly juicy on the inside.

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